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Are you wondering how you can improve your venue so it gives a good first impression? Learn how wallpaper or paint can make all the difference.

Avoid These Common Interior Painting Mistakes

18 February 2016
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When you are painting inside your home, whether walls or doors, it is important that you follow the right steps. However, if you are new to painting, you might make some mistakes that tend to be common among beginners. Here are some interior painting mistakes to avoid. Not Preparing Properly One of the biggest mistakes made by people who don't know any better is rushing into painting. Regardless of how big the job is, whether you are painting all interior walls or just painting a damaged cabinet door, you need to prepare ahead of time. Read More …

Wall Painting | 3 Steps To Prepare Your Wall Surface For Painting

11 February 2016
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Painting is an excellent way to infuse a fresh life into any room, so you'll want to revive your walls occasionally. Perhaps you've decided to leave your wall painting to the professionals or maybe you've decided to undertake this task on your own. Either way, if you're planning to prepare your walls for painting, then you will need to follow these steps. Good preparation will ensure that the paint adheres better to the surface. Read More …

Ceiling Painting | 4 Neutral Alternatives To Plain White Ceilings

10 February 2016
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While plain white is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to painting ceilings, there may come a time when you want to experiment with alternative paint colour choices without going overboard. This guide is designed to help you choose neutral paint alternatives to plain white ceilings when working with your painters. Versatile Greys The best part of choosing a neutral shade like grey is that is isn't simply just grey. Read More …

Residential Painter | 3 Ways To Remove Peeling Paint From Your Wall Before Repainting

9 February 2016
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If you've decided that your timeworn walls need a refreshing coat of paint, then it's probably a good idea to hire a residential painter if you're looking for a professional finish. An average residential painter charges a fee of around $40 per hour, so you may want to undertake a bit of the peeling paint preparatory work on your own to save on labour. Here are some ways to remove peeling paint from your wall surfaces before repainting. Read More …