Residential Painter | 3 Ways To Remove Peeling Paint From Your Wall Before Repainting

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Residential Painter | 3 Ways To Remove Peeling Paint From Your Wall Before Repainting

9 February 2016
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If you've decided that your timeworn walls need a refreshing coat of paint, then it's probably a good idea to hire a residential painter if you're looking for a professional finish. An average residential painter charges a fee of around $40 per hour, so you may want to undertake a bit of the peeling paint preparatory work on your own to save on labour. Here are some ways to remove peeling paint from your wall surfaces before repainting.

Paint Scraper Or Putty Knife For Scraping Out Paint

One of the most common ways to remove old and peeling paint is to scrape it out using a putty knife or paint scraper. You simply need to slide the knife or scraper under the peeling paint to loosen it from the surface. Keep in mind that this may take you a few hours for a thorough job depending on the size of the wall surface because any residual loose paint will prevent the new paint from properly adhering to the wall. Make sure you put some tarp or old bed sheets on the floor to collect the dead paint scraps. This will make it easier to dispose of them later, while ensuring that your flooring remains undamaged.

Application Of A Paint Stripping Solvent

Another easy way to tackle peeling paint is to use specialised paint strippers available at most home improvement stores. Paint stripping solvents are ideal for walls because they make the process of removing paint less challenging. They remove paint by softening or dissolving the bond between the substrate and the paint film. They can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto the wall surface during the application process. Keep in mind that paint strippers take some time to complete their job. Once the old paint has dissolved, your wall surface will be ready for your residential painter. Modern innovation has resulted in several eco-friendly and non-toxic products available in the market today, so you don't need to worry about the health hazards involved with using these solvents anymore.

Sandpaper Or Sanding Machine For Removing Old Paint

You can either use a sanding machine or sandpaper to remove old and peeling paint from your wall surfaces. This action will also smoothen out the wall in preparation for the arrival of the residential painter. Using medium-grit sandpaper is a good choice because it smoothens out the surface just perfectly without making it coarse. If your sandpaper is too coarse, then you will end up creating deep scratches and gouges in the wall. They will need to be filled and sanded again, making your initial effort redundant.

Use these ideas for removing peeling paint from your wall surface in preparation for the arrival of the residential painter.