Ceiling Painting | 4 Neutral Alternatives To Plain White Ceilings

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Ceiling Painting | 4 Neutral Alternatives To Plain White Ceilings

10 February 2016
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While plain white is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to painting ceilings, there may come a time when you want to experiment with alternative paint colour choices without going overboard. This guide is designed to help you choose neutral paint alternatives to plain white ceilings when working with your painters.

Versatile Greys

The best part of choosing a neutral shade like grey is that is isn't simply just grey. There's a wide range of shades and intensities that can make your ceiling pop with character, especially when you pair it with grey-finished furniture in your bedroom or living room. Choosing the shade of grey for your room is a matter of personal taste, whether you're looking for something subtle or something more dramatic. A good idea would be to get your painters to bring a few different grey shade samples, so you can make a choice based on your preference.

Easygoing Beiges

You can even choose from a myriad of beige shades with golden, amber or caramel undertones to add some drama by stepping away from basic white ceilings. These easygoing shades of beige create a cosy vibe while adding more character to any room. The best part about choosing beige is the warm feeling it brings to the room while producing a timeless look.

Characteristic Ivories

Moving just a step away from plain white is the ivory family of hues. Ivory shades are relaxing, calming and neutral with the same pureness as white, while adding subtle dimension with warmer tones to the room. The understated elegance of ivory will turn any room into a haven of solitude in your home. Your painters can probably provide you with a shade card of different ivory hues to help you make a final colour choice for your ceiling.

Gentle Blues

Choosing subtle blue shades for your ceiling is also a good idea because it can replicate the feeling of the never-ending sky. Employing sky blue or baby blue shades on your ceiling can create layers of interest, while adding a serene scheme to the room. When blended into a room with similar coloured décor, gentle or light blue shades will add a sophisticated vibe and will produce a stimulating look without compromising on neutrality. Ask your painters to provide you with different blue shades, so you can choose one that resonates most with your personal taste.

Use this guide as your stepping stone when working with painters, such as Allure Painting Services, to choose a paint alternative to plain white for your ceiling.