2 Factors That Will Influence the Timeline of Your Commercial Painting Project

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2 Factors That Will Influence the Timeline of Your Commercial Painting Project

14 March 2019
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Repainting your commercial premises is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your building and subsequently create a fantastic impression with all clients that visit your offices. However, before you get the repainting project underway, you will have two questions that you will want to be answered by your contractors.

The first is how much the entire project is going to cost you and the second question being how long the repainting will process take. While your painting contractors may simply measure the scope of the project and furnish you with a price evaluation, determining the timeline of the project is much more challenging. The reason why your contractors may not know how long it will take is that there are a number of variants that come into play.

Here are a couple of factors that will influence the timeline of your commercial painting project.

The design and floorplan of the building

The size of the building, granted, is one of the main determinants of how long a project will take. Nonetheless, it is not only the size that is taken into consideration during a painting project. The floorplans, as well as the design of the structure, will also play a significant role in determining how long it will take the project to be completed.

Buildings with intricate designs tend to take longer than those that have a plain design since your contractors have to take into consideration an array of elements including trimmings, multiple corners and so on. If you have plain floors that need repainting then the project will not take long but if you have intricate floor patterns, your contractors will take more time since they have to be meticulous with the painting.

The prepping of the building

Another time-consuming stage of the repainting process is prep work. Your painting contractors cannot simply come to your premises and start repainting the building before they prep the structure. And the amount of prep work requires will vary vastly from one building to another. If you have an old structure that has not been repainted in decades, the prep work will take a substantial amount of time since the contractors will have to sand the walls, spackle the walls and finally caulk all damages present on the walls.

Alternatively, commercial premises that were painted a couple of years ago may only require a touch-up job since damaged to the walls were previously repaired! In addition to the prepping of the walls, your painting contractors will also have to take time to protect your office furniture and equipment by placing tarps and drop cloths around the premises, which can also take a substantial amount of time if you have expensive offices!