3 Tips for Repainting Your Industrial Building

Are you wondering how you can improve your venue so it gives a good first impression? Learn how wallpaper or paint can make all the difference.

3 Tips for Repainting Your Industrial Building

30 May 2018
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Industrial buildings are known to house a lot of manufacturing and production work, but this does not mean that they shouldn't also look appealing. Just like an office building, an industrial facility also requires paint to increase curb appeal and improve the value of the property. However, beyond the aesthetics factor, repainting your industrial building can reap some other benefits as well. Going into the project with this understanding will help you choose the best paint for the structure. Read on for three tips on how to repaint your industrial building.

Use paint to caution users

The paint colours in an industrial building can be used to caution users and prevent unnecessary accidents. For example, you can use brighter colours or stripes in areas where clients and employees should be cautious when approaching. These include parts of the building with heavy equipment traffic, portions of the floor with inclines or pitch points and areas that only authorised personnel are allowed to access. The different paint colour and a warning sign will immediately alert users to be on their guard, and this can reduce accidents and injuries in the facility.

Use paint to mark emergency systems

Due to the nature of operations in an industrial building, people should be prepared for emergencies at all times. For example, an accidental fire can occur, and everyone needs to run to safety or find emergency systems. You can take advantage of colour to improve emergency responses in the building. For example, bold red can be used on the wall above where fire extinguishers are placed. Also, you can use red paint above all the emergency exits so that new building users can know where to run to when there is an emergency that requires evacuation.

Use bright colours for energy savings

Industrial facilities tend to be dark at all times, and this causes the building users to rely on artificial lighting even during the day. You probably spend a lot of money on lighting the facility. Why don't you make savings by using bright colours on the interior walls? These colours tend to reflect light instead of absorbing it, and this causes the room to look brighter. Even though you may still require artificial lighting, it won't be used as much. As a result, you may make decent annual energy savings, and these can be redirected to other areas of the business.

Repainting your industrial building doesn't just have to be about appearance. You can also use paint to improve the functionality of the facility. Work with a professional painting contractor who can tailor their commercial repainting services to meet your individual needs.