Two Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter to Repaint Your Home Instead of Doing It Yourself

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Two Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter to Repaint Your Home Instead of Doing It Yourself

23 January 2018
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If your home needs to be repainted, it's worth hiring one of your local residential house painters to perform this work, instead of trying to do it yourself. Read on to find out why.

They'll be able to do the work to a much higher standard than you could

Many people mistakenly assume that painting a house is an easy task which they can handle themselves. The truth, however, is that it requires a considerable amount of effort and skill to carry out this type work properly.  

As such, if you choose to do this work yourself, you will probably find it difficult, if next to impossible, to avoid making mistakes that will affect the final results of the painting process.

You may, for example, fail to do a thorough job of scrubbing down the wall with sugar soap before you begin the painting process (or you may decide not to clean it all); this could result in any dust, fibres and grime on the wall affecting the look and texture of the finished paintwork.

Likewise, you may choose the wrong type of product to prime the wall with, or forgo this stage entirely; this could result in the paint peeling off prematurely.

Additionally, your lack of expertise could lead to you leaving visible brush strokes on the wall, or accidentally splattering paint onto other nearby surfaces.

These are the types of mistakes that a professional painter would never make. Their skill, knowledge and experience will ensure that the paint work is done to an exceptionally high standard.

They'll finish the work quickly

Professional painters are able to prep and paint a house far faster than the average person. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly,  their skill level enables them to perform intricate painting tasks (such as painting along the edges of skirting boards or around doorframes and light fixtures) quickly and easily, without splattering paint everywhere. Conversely, if you were to try to do this type of paintwork, you would probably have to work incredibly slowly in order to avoid making a mistake.

Secondly, professional painters usually own a collection of access equipment (such as mobile scaffolding, for example) that allows them to paint higher sections of a wall very quickly.

This means that, instead of having to descend from a ladder and move it from one area to another each time they need to paint a new section, they can simply walk across their mobile scaffolding and continue painting.

As such, if you want your house painted quickly and efficiently, it is best to use the services of a professional residential painter.